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From: ralf
Subject: Experiences 12A continuation of the account of time with my uncle when he looked
after me during the temporary absence of my parents.The lap games and bath time had opened new pathways for me; I was
becoming sexually curious and the more I saw the more I wanted to
know. My uncle seemed very willing to help and laying on the sofa we
both started to watch less movie and more of each other. He changed
to a sitting position and made a cushion for my head in his lap, leaned
over gave me a kiss and gently rubbed my cheeks, ears and neck as he
stroked my still damp blond locks over and over and over. I knew
how much he loved me and I wanted to find a way to return the loving
attention he gave me.My head was resting directly over his private parts and I remember
thinking exactly what they looked like during our bath time, especially
the extra wad of skin on the tip that was new to me and I had
the desire to engage his privates closely; it gave me shivers as I
nuzzled into them with my face and in no time, my lap cushion changed
shape and as I reached up to recompose it, uncle fixed a gaze into my
eyes `I think my love for you is bursting'. He had me raise up as he
slipped his loose shorts off and now was totally naked before me.Looking back, I know that I was completely mesmerized. I remember
thinking how unfair it was that he was showing me everything and that
I was still covered with pajamas; my uncle must have been way ahead of
me lolita nude 16 yo as he popped my buttons and stripped me completely bare.I lay on my stomach with my butt cheeks fully exposed; I remember he
took a sitting position where he leaned over and massaged my butt in a
way that was totally new and exciting for me. When we were in the bath,
his motions washing my butt and groin together with both his hands
seemed more focused free ls models lolita on getting me perfectly clean but now it seemed
like more of a game and he would gently press my crack with a lingering
motion that extended to the skin of my balls then back and back again.In my laying position I faced directly into his groin giving me a perfect
point of inspection for his curious wad of extra skin but I found that it was
only a hiding place for a glorious pink knob that shaped into a flare with a
rolled edge skirt topping his glorious hardening sword.I'll never forget the moment I first saw his knob emerge from it's thin
wrinkled sheath; in great contrast to the wad of skin, the knob was a
beautiful pink taut smooth soft to touch but firm piece of manhood and
with only a slight motion, it would return to it's hiding place. The exposed
slit had begun to show drops of what looked like water but I soon learned
it was called `pre-cum' and the pre-cum gave a glistening sheen to cover
his piece. Uncle helped me better understand and enjoy it. My desire to
learn lolita nude 16 yo more about sex was becoming a success and I was finding the way.With an occasional distracting glimpse of the movie, I found myself
wondering if Mickey Mouse had a peepee and if he did, would it's top
have a hiding place like uncles and would it be as pretty?
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